April 5, 2011

Syazlina mengomel part II

As Salam,

Got nothing much to say..release + suka after went meeting @Cucms, cyberjaya after lunch hour, today..

i open my blogger dashboard n juz read other people's blog instead opened my own blog..how pity to u my luvly blog..huhu

i'm in the mood of no idea wat to jote, lately..so when i come up with new story n sumthing to share, i will come to u back ok! hehe

ok want to share sumthing motivative(word pelik) entry from one of my fren ..n the entry title "reality check"..nice entry n also nice words..keep it up fren..

want to say..hello..i'm hello kitty..hehe

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aswad said...


br terperasan ade link blog kite ler,


thanks 4 da referring